Download and print these two scripts.  Review them thoroughly so you are able to use them as a guide to share Arbonne nutrition and skin care.  While it is very important to follow the script below (click on the image), do NOT read it word for word when you present to a group!

The basic format of each group presention OR one-on-one meeting is: 

1. Why Me? Tell your 60 second story
2. Why Arbonne? Talk about the Arbonne difference (ingredient policy) and a few products you LOVE!
3. Why THEM? How can Arbonne serve them?? Tell your guests the 3 "Ways to Win"- how/why they should become a Preferred Client or Consultant and discount options and 3 things about our business (simple, flexible, lucrative)
Healthy Living Inside and Out.png


Download these product inserts and usage instructions and give them to potential clients when you drop off a full Re9 set or Nutrition "Fit Kit."